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40K and Fantasy Army List Making Templates (Updated for 8th Ed.)

40K and Fantasy Army List Making Templates

I remade my Fantasy Excel template to really help with new Eighth Edition list making, and added some new features.  Both the 40K and Fantasy Template are set up so that you can enter the names of your units, their base cost, their upgrades, and their upgrade costs.  Each units total cost is then calculated on the side, and the total army base cost, total army upgrade cost, and total army cost are calculated at the bottom.

In addition, the fantasy template now has cells where it will tell you the amount each part of your army takes up (Core, Lords, etc.) and what percent of your total army each part is taking up.  I find this to be very helpful simply because it does those calculations very quickly and reminds me if there is a problem in case I forget.  

Happy downloading, and happy list making!