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Monday, February 28, 2011

Warmachine "Greenmachine" Tournament Reports

After my first tournament this past Saturday, Warmachine remains a very interesting game to me.  On the one hand, I enjoy the game mechanically and from an intellectual standpoint.  On the other hand, however, there is a bit of a "nasty surprise" aspect to the game, and I'm not sure the local scene is quite for me.  I'll try and illustrate using the tournament. 

My list for the tournament was (25 Points Mangled Metal):

Goreshade the Bastard

Goreshade's feat creates a six strong unit of Bane Thralls as well.  The idea of the list was to use the Bane Thralls as assassins against enemy casters by throwing them forward on the feat turn, and to use the Reaper to drag enemy Beasts/Jacks away from their owners and then murder them with the Deathjack and Seethers.

My first game was against pThagrosh, with a Carnivean, Angelius, Shredder, and Seraph.  My opponent had obviously had a similar thought to me in list creation, in that Thagrosh can reincarnate a Beast as his feat, effectively giving him a bigger list.

He ran his army up the first turn, and left his Carnivean forward.  I used the Reaper on my turn to drag the Carnivean in, and then killed it with Deathjack.  I then feated with Goreshade, leaving the Banes in the backfield, and used Goreshades teleport to move the Reaper and Deathjack back into my backfield and out of range of his army.   He moved his army around the next turn and returned the Carnivean to life in his backfield.  I ran up the next turn, and then he killed my Banes with shooting and charges in his turn.  Unfortunately, his Angelius frenzied, and so was unavailable to him, and his Beasts were now in the charge range of all my Jacks.  I killed the Carnivean and Seraph in my turn, and my opponent conceded. 

I went into round two having a good time.  My opponent was a good friend of mine, and was a brand new player as well.  He brought Karchev, two Kodiaks, a Destroyer, and a Berserker.  With a huge charge range, I was a bit nervous, but it was a short game.  My opponent came forward, casting Tow to move all his Jacks.  After the first turn, I was able to use Mage Blight to shut down any chance of Karchev's feat or spells.  My opponent then upkept Tow and moved his Jacks, but left Karchev up in front of his Jacks.  I then moved Goreshade up, feated, and used the Bane Thralls to kill Karchev. 

My opponent was a bit upset after the game, because he thought my list was nasty, and decided to take a walk.  I can completely understand his frustration.  What was really awful was the T.O. then coming over to me in order to tell me how much of a "douchebag list" I had, and how she wished she had a "douchebag stamp" to stamp all over lists like mine. 

Let me put in my side here.  The first game of this tournament was my fifth total game overall.  While I can appreciate that the Goreshade list is hard, I thought I had come up with a clever list for a tournament, not something that required a T.O. to tell me about what a horrible person I was.  I suppose I was suckered in by a lack of experience with the game, and the idea that Page 5 had some small meaning. 

In the third game, I played another friend with his Circle.  My heart wasn't really in it, and he assassinated Goreshade using eKaya's feat and a Ghostly Warpwolf. 

Somehow I won first place in the tournament, and with zero product prize support (despite an entry fee) ended up with a Steamroller Coin.  My friends with Circle and Khador ended up with second and third, respectively. 

So, Warmachine.  I really enjoyed my first game.  I can understand my opponent being upset and surprised in the second round from the Bane Thralls, and wish that I had thought to explain that the Thralls could activate after being summoned.  I knew that my opponent had studied my caster prior to the tournament, and honestly thought he knew they did so.  However, I hated that the T.O. come stuff her face in a few minutes later and publicly berate me.  If my list was too hard, it sure as heck wasn't from my masterful understanding of the game and evil genius, and it sure could have been handled either before or after the tournament in a tactful manner. 

My only other experience with the local crowd, a couple weeks earlier, involved my opponent being friendly when he thought he was getting an easy league win out of a new player, and then turning surly and rude when I unexpectedly won.  I have had good game experiences with people that I've known from Fantasy and 40K previously. 

I want to like this game.  I like the miniatures and painting potential, the base rule system, and the Privateer Press customer service philosophy.  While I would in now way push the idea that Privateer Press players are anything but top notch, I fear that the local crowd may put me off the game. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

First Warmachine Tournament

I'm headed to my first Warmachine tournament tomorrow, a twenty-five point Greenmachine Mangled Metal / Tooth and Claw tournament over at All Fun and Games in Apex.  To translate, Greenmachine means that only newer players can play, or at least players who have never placed in a previous tournament.  Mangled Metal / Tooth and Claw means that only Warcasters/Locks and Jacks/Beasts can be taken, so units and solos are out. 

I wasn't sure what I would take at first, as there are so many good builds with Cryx.  I won't, if you don't mind, post my list until Monday, as I want it to be a bit of a surprise.  I hope to have battle reports as well.

Enjoy your weekends!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dragon Age 2 Demo for PC!

Kids, we don't talk much (once in the history of the blog) about video games, but the one time that we did, it was about Dragon Age.  It should be obvious that I liked the game a lot, and am excited about the sequel.  For a sneak peak, there's a download of the demo for Dragon Age 2 here.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brohammer Episode Five is Out!

From the dudes at Brohammer.  Check them out at  http://brohammercast.blogspot.com/


Brohammer ep005 "Prison Tatoos" is here!
Kevin, Tom and I are again joined by Canadian phenom Andrew Weber.
We start the show off in our usual fashion by describing what we have brought to the table to slake our thirsts.  After that is a Warhammer's Real Men of Genius short (repeat in case you have missed them so far AND to hype our newest contest!)
We talk about what we have been doing recently hobby related...naturally this leads to the term "prison tats" being bandied about like its awesomesauce.  Another Warhammer's Real Men of Genius short (repeat in case you have missed them so far AND to hype our newest contest!)
Then the meat:  Joe and Chuck from the WAAAGHCAST podcast interview me on my thoughts about 8th and life in general, well they didn't really ask me about life in general, but I let them know my thoughts on it anyways!  (this was taped in Dec and aired on episode 50 of WAAAGHCAST)
**New Contest**  Go to the forums and sign up!  http://www.brohammer.proboards.com/
Thanks for listening!

and on itunes (when it updates) :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Painted War Witch Siren and the Alternate Model Conundrum

A problem that we get into with a lot of Privateer Press (and some GW) models is variability.  Sometimes you want to run multiples of models, but because they are metal (or plastic that really has to be put together in one way), you'll get multiples of the exact same pose.  For instance, the War Witch Siren.  I love the model.  It's got a sense of action.  But I also want to run two sometimes, because of the rules.   My solution in her case was to make my second Siren hold her sword out in front of her.  In other cases, like the Pistol Wraith or Manhunter, there are alternate models readily available.

Sometimes we can proxy in alternative models, like a Reaper model, but in other cases it's not allowed.  For example, the local 40K tournaments here allow any sort of proxying, to the point where it gets ridiculous.  I'm honestly waiting for someone just to start digging trash out of a trash can and declaring each piece of trash a different model.  On the other hand, Warmachine/Hordes tournaments here in the past have not allowed any proxying at all, to the point of not allowing pButcher to represent eButcher, for instance.  So if you do have a cool Reaper model to represent your Siren, you're out of luck. 

As to the Siren, I have enjoyed using her very much in games.  She is really the utility model of the army, and I've done a bit of everything from helping out Helljacks to spraying away hard to reach models to Shadow Binding enemy Warbeasts to keep them from moving.  Heck, I wish I could have three...if I could come up with a third variant on the model!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Leviathan (Helljack, Not Hive Fleet)

Crab Jacks for Cryx pack a heck of a points cost!  While they're both scary machines, I'm liking the Leviathan a bit more than the Harrower right now, if only because my main opponent has been packing a lot of beasts and not a lot of infantry.  Up to three high power shots every turn with bonuses against large targets can really make a nasty difference in a game. 

My Leviathan is also practicing a magical feat of physics currently, as he is perched with just a tiny bit of green stuff on his tiny back legs.  He's a heavy metal model to do that , so I keep waiting for him to be dropped / a child to pick him up and break him / a stiff breeze to break the green stuff connection.  Until then, he's gonna rock out on two legs. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Incoming: Tomb Kings!

GW has announced that the Tomb King book is coming in May!  I don't know about you, but this was wholly unexpected, especially so soon after the O&G book.

From the GW site:

An ancient race that has lain dormant for thousands of years, the Tomb Kings now awaken from within their ancient burial pyramids. Cheated from the eternal life that they were promised, the Tomb Kings are instead doomed to an eternal undeath - awakened they thirst for vengeance against those who would disturb their slumber.

At the command of these undying lords march legions of implacable Skeleton Warriors, hosts of chariots crewed by long-dead crewmen and towering statues carved from unyielding stone.

The armies of the Tomb Kings are vast, unstoppable hordes that know neither fear nor remorse - and they shall not rest until all who stand against them are laid low.
This May Warhammer: Tomb Kings is released, containing everything you need to use the legions of Nehekhara in your games of Warhammer.

Alongside the new book we'll also be releases a slew of amazing new miniatures for Tomb Kings players to collect and add to their armies. Details are being kept firmly under wraps for now, but more details will be available over the coming months. To make sure you're the first to see the new models and read the latest news keep your eyes fixed to the pages of White Dwarf, the Games Workshop newsletter and the What's New Today blog.

In the meantime, if you're a Tomb Kings player (or thinking about becoming one) it's time to start building up your Undead hordes in preparation for the new arrivals. So, out with the large drybrush (and the pot of Bleached Bone) and onwards to glory!
Presented below are two exclusive sneak peeks at the upcoming releases. Please keep checking back on the website, and in White Dwarf for more information in the near future.

Grail Quest 3 Results

Grail Quest 3 was a great success once again this year, with eighteen participants duking it out Warhammer Fantasy style for fabulous prizes.  In the end, there could be only one...best overall!

Best Overall - Ian Holland (Dark Elves)
Best General - Robert Brandon (High Elves)
Second Overall - Collins Mullen (High Elves)
Third Overall - Joel Busta (Daemons of Chaos)
Best Painted - Erik Lindley (Daemons of Chaos)
Best Sportsman - Bart Bartkowiak (Daemons of Chaos)

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all the participants for making Grail Quest 3 a great time for everyone.

On a side note, look at that broken Daemon army book.  It was obviously written to dominate in painting and sportsmanship in Eighth Edition!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

What up, Slayer?

One of the first models that I wanted to paint (and had an opportunity to paint) was the Slayer.  The poster 'Jack for Cryx, the Slayer is a melee beat machine, although in typical Cryx fashion he's fairly fragile for a Helljack. 

So far, I've had four games of Warmachine, of which the Slayer has only gotten to participate in one.  I've run Deneghra with him, and Venethrax, Mortenebra, and Goreshade without him.  Hopefully, I'll be using him more, as he is one intimidating fella. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting Ready for Grail Quest

Oh man!  The week before running a tournament is especially hectic!  With twenty folks preregistered for Grail Quest this year in Durham, NC, I'm hoping for a great turnout.  On my list:

1.  Writing the scenarios.  They've got to not only be great, they've got to be Highlander themed this year.  There can be only one!  With 8th edition, I would like a standardized table as well. 

2.  Making some awards.  We've only given out gift certificates in the past.  I'd like some sort of trophies to go out as well this year, as well as to get some to the tournament's previous winners.

3.  Scheduling with the store.  I'd like to get in a little early and set things up.

4.  Making sure we have the materials.  Terrain is no problem, but I like objective markers and such. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Painted War Witch Deneghra

It feels like I haven't been painting much lately, but I suppose that's because I haven't been mass painting Beastmen.  Instead, I've been slowly working my way through some Cryx models, and I started with Deneghra here. 

For the most part, Deneghra has a good model, but I do dislike the head/mask.  I also tried to elevate her a bit.  Her pointing pose is cool, but on the normal base she just looks like she's pointing at the ground. 

The Cryx plastics, of which Deneghra is one, are really very nice.  I enjoyed putting them together, and then after that went on to the varying levels of frustration which are Privateer Press metal models.  To be clear, the same description applies to GW's metals.  Some were surprisingly easy despite the hype (Terminus), some were inexplicably overcomplicated (Mortenebra and her seventeen tiny pieces), and the rest were just the usual mix of pretty good with the occasional piece that was too heavy to keep on properly.

Anyway, I should have some more Cryx up on the site next week, so I hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1,000 Point Mini GT - A Quick Report

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to play in a 1,000 point Mini GT, with five games over one day.  I got to the store just around 10 a.m., and left at about 9 p.m.  The event was a blast, with 22 participants and a ton of fun to be had!  I had five good games, which I'll run through briefly.

My list:

10 Man Tactical Squad with Heavy Bolter, Flamer
5 Man Tactical Squad
5 Man Terminator Assault Squad (3 Lightning Claws, 2 Thunder Hammer / Storm Shields)
1 Land Raider
2 Rhinos

Game One

My first opponent of the day was Spencer, who was playing Imperial Guard.  At 1,000 points, he wasn't messing around, and was there to beat face.  He had over 100 models, including two 40+ blobs with Commissars and Stracken, two Vendettas with three TL Lascannons each, and two other Lascannons.  So there were basically two giant stubborn or fearless blobs of troops, and (with orders) eight twin linked lascannons.  Frankly, my list didn't have the punch to take care of his, and although the game took some time, it was only because it took him thirty minutes to move his troops each turn.  I lost hard, and went down to the bottom of the pack.  Spencer would go on to win the entire tournament. 

Game Two

I felt better going into my second game.  My opponent, Jon, was a great guy, and brought a Tyranid list with a Trygon Prime, and Tervigon, the Doom of Malan'tal, and a Tyrant.  He also had some Gaunts, and could make more with the Tervigon.  The mission was objective based, but I felt good with my ability to crush the big bugs and cripple his army early.  In turn two, I charged his Trygon prime with my Terminators and Lysander, thinking he'd be easy money.  Sadly, I whiffed all my attacks, and then proceeded to fail my stubborn leadership ten and run away.  Whoops!  At the same time, I put twelve or so strength eight or nine wounds into the Doom, who made 3+ saves every time.  I did eventually rally, and come back to kill off two of the four big bugs, but because of the early loss of momentum ended up crashing hard.  Jon would go on to play Spencer at the top table in the final round, and would finish fifth overall.  My 0-2 start was not looking pretty.

Game Three

I ended up playing Bart, the TO, in round three, due to another play dropping out.  He had a Seer Council Elder list with some Prisms and Fire Dragons and Jetbikes.  Luckily, my dice got hot, dropping his transports early and knocking out his big guns.  There were two objectives, and at the end of the day I held one with the other contested, and ended up with a minor victory.

Game Four

I played Sean and his Tau in Game Four.  He had a ton of Fire Warriors, five Mech Suits of various types, and a Skyray.  We deployed in opposite corners, and were playing Kill Points.  I holed up my tactical squads in my corner building, and rushed my Land Raider at him, popping smoke.  He used Markerlights from his Fire Warriors to tap my Land Raider, and then blew it up.  The Terminators got out, but since the Fire Warriors had already shot, he couldn't take advantage.  In the next turn, the Terminators and Lysander split up, and got into his army, chewing them up.  While I couldn't pursue him after close combat, he was close to the board edge, and his units just ran off.  I ended up with a massacre.

Game Five

In the final game, I faced Todd and his Tyranids.  Todd was a fun opponent, and brought a Tyrant with two Tyrant Guard, three Hive Guard with Impaler Cannons, and four units of Genestealers with Broodlords.  I was a bit worried, but Todd didn't have much to deal with my Land Raider except in close combat.  Our mission had three objectives, all near the middle of the board.  The board had a ton of impassable terrain.  I moved my army up, and claimed one objective early.  At the beginning of the game, Todd moved his Tyrant and both Guard sets back, preferring to shoot.  He did manage to immobilize the Land Raider near the middle of the board, and Lysander and the Terminators got out to kill some Genestealers in the middle.  They killed the 'stealers, but unfortunately failed a lot of 2+ saves from shooting, causing Lysander to take one wound and the Terminators to die to a man. 

I still felt good going into close combat with his Tyrant, but the Tyrant did three wounds to Lysander, which the big yellow Terminator promptly failed, dying an wimpy death.  Fortunately for me, Todd had backed up so much to avoid combat with Lysander that he couldn't make it to the objectives that my Tactical Squads held, and had to settle for trying to beat my Land Raider to death instead.  I ended up with two of the three objectives, but had less Kill Points than Todd, and took a minor win.


This was a great tournament, and a ton of fun.  I ended up 3-2, and had fun the entire time.  Kudos to Bart for putting on such an innovative, fun tournament.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Committing to Cryx

The latter half of 2010 had me trying out a great many new board games, all of which were a lot of fun.  At the end of the day, however, war games are my absolute favorite.  I think it's really the variable play that these types of games offer, along with a chance to paint and model.  While I remain first and foremost a Warhammer Fantasy fanatic, I have had the chance recently to play some good 40K games, as well as try out Mark II Warmachine. 

Mark II seems to have greatly improved over Mark I, in that the overwhelming abilities of feats and other abilities to completely dictate (and end) the game in one shot have been tuned down.  The game does seem more chess-like, instead of cheese-like, and has a nice decision tree flavor to it, in that resources are carefully allocated / used early in order to fuel a series of actions that can have different outcomes, and planning for those outcomes in order to arrive at the best conclusion in the key to the game. 

For my birthday, I picked up a good chunk of Cryx, and have been painting and playing away.  It's been good so far, and pictures should be forthcoming.  I like the speedy, debuffing play style of the faction, and have never minded fragile, hard hitting armies previously.  I have my first 35 point game tonight, against Circle, so we'll see how it goes!