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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Well, Hello, One Year Anniversary!

It happened almost a month ago, actually, but this little blog o' mine has been around for a year now.   365 days and almost 240 posts later, it's been good.  I hope you crazy kids have enjoyed it as well.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Assembly Line (or how to paint 100 Gors at once)!

A few weeks ago, I decided I really didn't like my Beastmen paint scheme.  My army is flesh and brown with green leather...it's a fairly typical GW Beastman paint scheme, and maybe that's why it didn't appeal to me.  I've also gotten really tired of working with my homemade snow, as it's a pain in the butt.  So I'm stripping down my models, and repainting like a fiend.

For some awful reason, I decided I'd paint my one hundred Gors first, so as to get them done.  The basic scheme was to have regular flesh, orange fur, and purple paints, a la your hero and mine:

Well, maybe not quite so orange.

So I lined 'em up, and got to work.  Each model got one of each coat as I went through.  The basic process went:

1.  Flesh
2.  Orange fur
3.  Silver Metal (weapons and such)
4.  Brown woods
5.  Off white horns, hooves and bones
6.  Purple leathers
7.  Bronze for the ornamentation.
8.  Red Eyes
9.  Flesh Wash
10.  Sepia Wash
11.  Face Paint Details

It's been some madness, but I've finished with step nine at this point, and am on the home stretch.  It's been three weeks, give or take, painting about two evenings a week while my Mrs. watches television or works on her work.  I'm lucky enough that I have a temporary painting area set up nearby.  

With this many models, you have to be able to sit down and make yourself paint.  Having something else going, such as a conversation or television show, is also crucial to getting through everything.  I suggest trying to do a coat on all of your models at once, as when I split it up I didn't feel like I had made any progress, and didn't want to come back to painting. 

So yeah, pictures should be up by the weekend.  Hope you enjoy them!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Upcoming Tournaments!

I'd like to take a minute to shout out a few of the upcoming tournaments and events in the area I think you might like heading over to partake in.  Dates and links are listed above, just below the blog header.

Sci Fi Genre's annual Thanksgiving WFB tournament is scheduled for November 6th.  Last year's Chaos Turkey is, I'm told, not going to be in attendance.  Instead, the theme is "pilgrims v. natives", with the "civilized" and "savage" races of the Old World and beyond slugging it out.  It's always a good time!

On November 13th, The Cage will hold its annual Games Day.  Two cans of food are needed for entrance, and the proceeds all go to local shelters.  It's a great way to see a lot of cool games and give to the needy at the same time.

Speaking of giving, local player Matt J. will hold a Toys for Tots 40K Tournament at All Fun in Games on December 4th.  The entry fee is one toy, and all the proceeds will go to Toys for Tots for needy children this holiday.  Once again, this is a great way to give while having a great time!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brohammer Podcast: Episode One!

Any time that I can let people know about an awesome new podcast, plug a friend's work, and use a picture of hammer pants, life is good.  Brohammer, a product of North Carolina locals Erik and Kevin Lindley, released its first episode the other day. 

"But where can I get a piece of this hotness?", you ask.  Right here:  http://www.megaupload.com/?d=I7Z5900S.  Download that sucker now and have a listen!  Let me know what you think.  Then visit their blog at:  http://brohammercast.blogspot.com/.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tabbris, Blood Angels Sergeant

I am both proud of this model, and a bit sad with him. 

I made the banner out of green stuff.  Rolled it up with a small pen, cut it out, etc.  It was really neat stuff.  But then I can't freehand to save my life.  I ended up putting the green tear over a fiery background because I'd made a mess of a simple grail about five times (note:  I've cleaned up the extra green streak on the bottom of the tear). 

Still, this was a great one to paint.  He was one of the original models I bought when I got back in to 40K years ago, and had just never been painted, so taking a spot as a decorated Sergeant seemed appropriate.  He'll fill out his squad of ten assault marines, giving them a combination of two meltas and a power fist.  I hope to get a companion squad or two painted, followed by Rhinos.   

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blood Angels First Tactical Squad: Meltas

I've always been a fan of the melta gun, and nobody will tell you these days that they aren't great for 40K, what with the Mega Mech Madness (patent pending) going down on every table.  I ordered up some of the melta bits packs from ol' GW a while back, so I can promise that the Blood Angels won't lack in this department.

The temptation with an army like the Blood Angels or Space Wolves is to name every model, to give each one a saga or story.  I like that a lot.  They're a little more flavorful, at least to my mind, than my Imperial Fists (an exercise in painting yellow) and my Raven Guard (my first army...okay, I like them a lot too).  I was initially attracted to Space Marines way back when because of the idea of big giant armored guys crashing into the enemy lines, guns blazing and swords hacking, and because of variations like the Wolves and Angels I've never been tempted to leave.  Sure, some people will say that's a bad thing, but I've know what armies I liked in 40K for years and years.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Blood Angels First Tactical Squad Painted

Okay, so I have a new plan.  Get some posts up on Sunday night so that they're prepped for the week, when I won't have time to post.  As plans go, it's a good 'un.  Execution will be the key.

As I noted earlier, I've started painting Blood Angels.  The army won't hit the table until it's painted (or at least that's what I'm telling myself).  The idea is just to roll up (in about a year or so) with a fully painted Blood Angels army and plop them down. 

Right now, we're at a squad.  Blood Angels Assault Squad Tabbris to be exact (Rhino not yet included).  These are the rank and file.  I stuck with the green metallic shoulder trim, and personal heraldry on the knee pads. Fourth Company all the way!

The thing that scares me right now is the temptation of the new, gorgeous Dark Eldar.  I have a nicely painted 8,000 points of Dark Elves, and I think it'd be kind of neat to paint some Dark Eldar in a similar scheme.  Nothing like having too much on your plate and piling on. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The ETC Comp System

It would help, so I hear, to actually put the ETC Comp system up when I say I will.  Anyway, I think this may be a bit overkill, and I don't particularly like some of the sweeping game changes they've made.  Enjoy the read, and let me know what you think.

From the European Team Championship Website, at http://www.rankingshq.com/etc/article.aspx?ArticleTypeId=2&ArticleId=218

At ETC we will be using a LOS system. AR.com will present two alterative systems with this rules pack and asks the captains to playtest both before making a recommendation. This can be found in the following thread on The Warhammer Forum.

Rules changes:
- Steadfast is removed if a unit is disrupted.
- Units with at least one full rank cause Disruption.
- Characters will get "look out sir" versus the following spells that automatically kill models or automatically remove an entire regiment: Dwellers Below, Final Transmutation, Dreaded 13th, Infernal Gateway 11-12 effect. Normal requirements for lookout sir apply.

General Restrictions:
2400 Points.
No Special or Named Characters.
Armys can be selected from any of the currently published GW Army books.
A maximum of 4 identical core choices may be taken (regardless of equipment and other upgrades).
A maximum of 5 warmachines may be taken per army
Unit sizes of are limited as follows:
- Non-infantry units (including monstrous infantry): Maximum 12 models/unit
- Infantry costing 5 points or less: Maximum 40 models/unit
- Infantry costing 6-9 points: Maximum 30 models/unit
- Infantry costing 10 points or more: Maximum 24 models/unit

Magic Restrictions:
- Apart from Winds of magic and Channeling, an army may only generate 2 PD/DD per magic phase.
- You may have units/abilities that actually would generate more than 2 extra dice, but any excess dice are lost
- Some magic items/abilities count as generating dice toward this limit.
- “Count as” items/abilities may never exceed a cumulative 2PD/DD per phase. This means that if you take the power scroll, you may not take any other items that “count as adding PD/DD”

Item restrictions:
- Power Scroll counts as generating 2 PD and 2 DD each magic phase
- Each Loremaster ability counts as generating 1 PD each magic phase
- Items that auto-dispel a spell counts as generating 1 DD each magic phase
- Folding Fortress is not allowed

Army Specific Restrictions:

Beastmen: No Restrictions

Brettonians: Trebuchet is a 0-1 choice

Dark Elves: Hydra is a 0-1 choice

Dwarfs: Anvil of doom counts as warmachine; Grudge Throwers are a 0-2 choice; Max +4 dispel dice instead of +2

Daemons of Chaos: Flamers are a 0-1 choice. Siren Song may only be taken once

Empire: Steam Tank counts as warmachine; Tank, Rocket battery and Engineers are a 0-1 choice

High Elves: Book of Hoeth counts as generating +2PD and +2 DD; Shard and Crystal as +1DD/phase

Lizardmen: Salamanders are a 0-1 Choice; Terradons, Chameleon Skinks and Stegadons (any kind) are 0-2 choices; Beclaming cogitations counts as generating +2DD, Cupped hands as +2PD/phase.

Ogre Kingdoms: No Restrictions

Orcs & Goblins: No Restrictions

Skaven: Hell Pit Abomination is a 0-1 choice; Gutter runners are a 0-2 choice; Engineers are a 0-3 choice

Vampire Counts: Wraiths and Varghulf are 0-1 choices

Tomg Kings: No restrictions

Wood Elves: Wand of Wych Elm counts as generating +1 DD/phase

Warriors of Chaos: Hellcannon is a 0-1 choice. Infernal Puppet counts as generating +2DD /phase; Tendrils of Tzeench and Conjoined Homonucleus all count as generating +1 PD/Phase.

The following explanatory notes also accompany the restrictions:

Explanatory notes:

1) The "removal of steadfast if disrupted" and the unit size limits are there because we see "bunker armies" as an emerging problem. This is particularily problematic in an ETC context, where playing for draws is a legit (indeed advisable) strategy. To this extent we have also decided that the Folding fortress allows too many "abusive" things for defensive armies. Hopefully, these changes will lead to a more dynamic game. The "one rank to disrupt" is a rule that is intended to make cavalry a viable troop choice for ETC armies.

2) Magic:
The principle of capping dice generation has been chosen for two reasons: It works regardless of rolls on winds of magic/channeling (a generic dice cap makes some armies extremely powerful when WOM rolls are low) and because it gives us a tool to restrict powerful items.

This works as follows.

a) An army that takes items/abilities that allow them to generate more dice, may never generate more than two dice, regardless of source. For example: An Empire army with an Archlector and a Warrior Priest would only generate +2DD, even though it would normally generate 3. The excess dice is lost and may not be used or stored.

b) If an army takes an item/ability with a "count as" clause, the limit for extra dice is affected. If, for instance the same Empire army brought a dispel scroll (counts as +1 DD because it auto dispels a spell). That same army would only ever generate +1 DD in each of the opponent's magic phases. The 2 excess dice would be lost. If both a dispell scroll and the seal of destruction were to be taken by that empire army, no additional DD would be generated (and all 3 DD from the Archlector/Warrior Priest would be lost).

c) Under no circumstances may an army have "count as" items that exceed +2PD/2DD. No negative modifiers may occur, you are simply not allowed to take any more items/abilities with a "count as" clause. For example: A VC army has Forbidden Lore on one vampire. This means that the VC army could not take a Power Scroll as this would generate +3PD in "count as" abilities. (+1 for Forbidden lore, which gives loremaster, and +2 for the power scroll). The army would be illegal.

d) Some very powerful items give penalties to both PD and Dispel dice, even though they do not directly affect Dispeling. The reason for this is that these items are so powerful that we feel that the drawbacks for taking them should be considerable. Taking a power scroll for instance, means: No Loremaster, no scroll, no additional dice generating in the army whatsoever.

3. The Army-specific restrictions are fairly light. The reason for this is that we want to see how things work out with minimal restrictions, and then tighten the screw if ever (whenever) the needs arise.

4. We want to reiterate that this is a first draft, and is intended to be a changing document. It is therefore acceptable -indeed encouragable- that people play around with these rules and restrictions. If event organizers feel that something needs changing (that one army is comped too harshly for instance), then change it for your tournament and -pretty please- report your findings back to us.

We are by no means perfect, therefore this draft isn't either. It never will be. But with your help, we believe that this can be turned into a solid, enjoyable ruleset.

With regards to our timetable for this project, we aim to release an updated draft on the first Monday in November, January and a final one March.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brohammer! and ETC Comp REquirements

I'd like to take a moment to point out an up and coming podcast in development.  Brohammer is being made by two locals, Erik and Kevin, who are great guys and have a great amount of experience in the hobby.  Plus, they're a lot of fun and I think they'll do a good job.  So go follow them at:  http://brohammercast.blogspot.com/!

After the strong feelings that composition ideas generated here and elsewhere, I wanted to put a copy of the ETC restrictions up here.  These guys play a lot (and for national pride), so I was very interested to see what they would do.  The restrictions and changes are pretty heavy.  I'll need some time to mull it over. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Battle of Five (or More) Warhammer Armies

So I've written up a scenario that we'll hopefully be playing here in the next few months.  I like to watch this for inspiration:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y30LAj502mY


Scenario:  The Battle of the Five (or more) Warhammer Armies
Players:  Five (or more).  Fluffwise, these consist of two or more forces of order armies, Skaven, Beastmen, Lizardmen, and Orcs.  Feel free to swap out armies if convenient.
Points:  2,500 points outer (evil) army.  3,000 points per (center table) army.  These points should adjust to provide some semblance of balance (at about a 10:6 ratio), although evil should always outnumber good.
Deployment:  The center table defenders deploy anywhere on the center table.  The outer table attackers deploy within 12” of their outer board edges. 
First Turn:  Defenders go first
Game Length:  The Game will last for six turns, or until a time limit is reached.
Victory Conditions:  Each player has secret conditions. 
Scenario Special Rules:  Lots!  Coming Soon!

Bobo was scared.  He’d stolen the Ring from the scary dragon, Flogg, just like the old Sorcerer Randalf had asked him to do, but ever since then, things had gone horribly wrong.  Randalf and the Dwarfs that were supposed to protect him were drunk, Flog the Dragon was pissed, and Bobo’s pants were sopping wet down the front. 
“No worries, Bobo”, grinned Randalf, “I’ve got this here horn, and I’ll blow on it to summon some allies to help us out.  Pretty soon, we’ll be up to our arses in archers and eagles”. 
Randalf whipped out his horn and went to blow.  Unfortunately, his mouth was still filled with “pipeweed” smoke, and a hacking cough struck him just as he sounded the horn.  The resulting note sounded something like a cross between a startled sheep and a wet fart.

Beastlord (or Beastlady, as she preferred) Gortia Gorson led her herd through the woods around Mount Boom carefully.  No longer satisfied with petty loot and plunder, Gortia had become a militant anti-man zealot after a late night jam session with her Gor-crush Malagor at the Herd Stone last Boxing Day.  She was on the lookout for any settlements to defile, loot, and hopefully poop on. 
Randalf’s “note” sounded in the air.  To all the Beastmen, it sounded like the world’s most awesome Bray-Horn.  Gortia smiled and turned to address her herd.   
“Let’s get moving, boys!  There’s more Beasts ahead!

Randalf looked down at the horn and frowned.  Whatever note he had blown, it hadn’t summoned much help.  Bobo looked even more terrified, and several Dwarfs looked ready to sick up. 
“Ah ha!”, exclaimed Randalf, “I’ve got the ticket!  What I’ll do is jazz up the next note with a little Razzle Dazzle Magic ™.”  He sniffed at the Winds of Magic.  They seemed pretty ripe!
Glowing with power, Randalf blew into the horn.  On the plus side, the horn blew a perfect, beautiful note.  On the down side, Randalf exploded.
When the smoke cleared, Bobo and the Dwarfs found Randalf stunned on the ground.  “Well”, groaned Randalf, “I sounded the horn with Irresistible Force.  Unfortunately, that’s also a miscast in this edition”. 

To the east, the Eagles and their Wood Elf friends heard Randalf’s call, and took to the air immediately to go to his aid.  The majestically soared over the trees, true friends and allies to Randalf’s cause.  Sadly, as they flew, the air around them grew hot and then exploded in a white hot burning ball of unnatural miscasted Strength Ten D6 Wound Ouchies.  When the light cleared, only a few eagles remained, and the green fields and trees below had been replaced with a squalid swamp and unnatural temple.  Lizardy eyes glared up at the eagles.
“What. The. Croak.”, snapped the High Slann Slippimus Prime.  “I don’t know what jerk mage summoned us up on accident, but we’re going to follow those feather Pteradons up there and kick his butt”. 

Meanwhile, up in “Da Hills”:
“Boss, we’ve been after these Stunties for days”, complained a Big’Un, “When are we gonna bash sum heads?”
General Bork gave his troops the stinkiest eye an Orc can give. 
“Shut it up, you lot!”  He chopped a nearby Gobbo in half in irritation. “We’ve almost caught ‘em.  I can feel it.  Plus, listen to dat racket down there near the mountain. We’ll smash ‘em up good, and Gork’ll be proud.  Chargelzors!”

The woods were rustling, there was a new swamp to the east, the sounds of a Waaaagh could be heard from the hills, and most of the Eagles were BBQ.   Even Randalf looked worried. 
The only place left to look for help was to the west, in the small settlement of Durham nearby.  Randalf tooted despondently on the horn again, hoping to summon some men, at least.  Amazingly, he saw men approaching!  Unfortunately, they looked like they were in bad shape. 
One of them screamed, “We’ve been swarmed by rats!” and fainted dead away.  Bobo peed in his pants a little more. 

In Durham, Gray Seer Burns stroked his whiskers.  “Exxxxcelent!”, he hissed.
The plan to take Durham had gone well, using only some cheese, a Pied Piper, and twelve cucumbers.  His alliance with the Vampires was underway…for now…and no man-thing remained in the town.  Burns could now launch his raid on Mount Boom, and steal all of its magical artifacts.  Enough Slaves could take down a dragon, and no other inconveniences could stand in his way.  Mounting his Bell, Burns screamed to the sky.
“Rat-ulators!  Mount up!”

All around the Dwarfs, things were going badly.  Nowhere seemed safe, and the Dragon was coming out from the mountain.  They had some guns, and some knights, and quite a few peasants, but they were completely surrounded!
Bobo had to get out of here!   His hand crept towards the Ring….