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Cygor Conversion

Cygor Conversion

From the moment I had my first read of the new Beasts book, I knew I'd be fielding a Cygor pretty regularly.  While it isn't the close combat monster that the Ghorgon is, and doesn't have the movement of the Jabbersclythe, it can mess up a magic phase pretty well, and more importantly to me, it's a stone thrower.

The question became how to convert one.  I had a Giant kit, and figured that was a good place to start, but wanted him to be more "Beastish".  Green stuff seemed the only answer. 

The first step to was to fix the legs.  Beastmen have a hock; that is, the "backwards knee".  You can see it in this awesome goat illustration:


So I wanted my Giant to have one as well.  I build it up just below and behind the knee.  

Next was the fur.  I wrapped thin bands of green stuff in layers around the Giant's pants.  As soon as I had everything covered, I took a hobby knife and just started slashing away, tearing at the green stuff to get little fur strips going.  This took a little while, but I think the results were pretty good.

Finally, I needed to work on the head.  I wanted my Cygor to be completely blind, like a monstrous seer completely dependent on the Warp for his vision (and reflected in his awesome Weapon Skill of 2).  So I built him a blindfold using a small strip of green stuff, and then used another twisted strip in the back to show where it was tied together.


Overall, I think it came out well, and I look forward to painting him and stomping magical opponents all over the place.  What do you think?