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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Little Hero Questing

Last night, I sat down to play a little Hero Quest with friends.  Having never or rarely played before, we were ready to romp and stomp over a game that came out when most of us were still too young for the "10 and Up" on the box. 

We may have forgotten the whole working together thing.

We did the first mission in the book, which was kind of an introduction.  Rather than stick together, we decided to explore the dungeon separately, and see what kind of treasure we could find and how many doors we could get open. 


At one point, we had all four adventurers almost as far away (and unable to help each other) as possible.  This led to our Elf and Dwarf getting slowly stabbed down to one hitpoint each, our mage blowing all his healing spells, and our Barbarian taking on several Chaos Warriors alone.  Not a great plan.  In the end, we took out the Gargoyle boss, but were unable to run away from his minions, as we had become too weakened.

So yeah, kids, don't forget to work together a little bit, and introduction levels in board games won't beat you down.


  1. My friends and I used to play this game all the time when we were kids. Great fun!

  2. Use to love that game, haven't played in years...

  3. Very timely post....just been looking for a board game to play with the kids :)

  4. Clearly the barbarian was MVP

  5. I played this for the first time last year and have to say it was good fun and even got a Avatars of Wars Marauder Champion to represent the barbarian quite nicely.

    Cupboard of Nurgle