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Monday, December 31, 2012

Wood Elf Lord on Stag

I painted a Lord on Stag for my Wood Elf army for fun this month.  It certainly won't be for effectiveness in the game, where this guy runs over 240 points without any magic items, and has a ton of restrictions as well.   He was fun though, and is converted using the Privateer Press Raptor model and the High Elf Noble kit.  I'm going to run him in a few games after Scarabcon, just for fun.  


  1. I love the model. Did you see the stag lord in the Hobbit? It made me want to get one for my high elves.


  2. Yeah, that was awesome! If you're going to end up doing a Stag model(s), the Privateer Press Raptors are actually very reasonably priced and easy to convert!

    Looking forward to seeing you guys at Scarab. We just booked a suite at the Days Inn.

  3. I used the same Raptor model and did something similar.

    He's expensive but useful, and a good way to add a highborn or noble with magic items to a unit of Tree Kin.