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Friday, July 23, 2010

First Eighth Edition Game Thoughts

I had a chance the other day to play my first Eighth edition game.  I seem to be a bit behind the curve on that, but Lon and I had a chance to run through a game with his Lizardmen and my Beastmen, and it was a pretty great time.  I ran the list in the previous post at 2,250, so it had less Minotaurs and a bit less core.

As to any jellyfish questions, Tony, I didn't have anyone pee on my sting, although I did have two of my older brothers offer.  Vinegar, followed by meat tenderizer (of all things), is the trick to make it less painful, although it takes a while to kick in. 

So yeah, my thoughts on the game:

*  Eighth ed. plays quickly and smoothly.  With two people who had read over the book, but hadn't played Eighth before, we finished our game in around two hours. 

*  Everytime I think "Warhammer Fantasy Eighth Edition" in my head, it's immediately followed by "The Ocho!" from Dodgeball.  I hereby recommend that anytime this game is played, it should now be referred to as "Warhammer Ocho!", as it hate typing the word, "eighth".

*  Turning my Shaman into a Giant Dragon of Doom with the upgraded version of Transformation of Kadon from Beast Lore was just as much fun as I thought, and just about as effective.  It was awesome, then he got Pit of Shadesed in the face.

*  Stuff move really fast.  Saurus Cavalry shooting nineteen inches across the table is pretty crazy. 

*  Initiative matters a lot.  Those same Saurus Cav charged their nineteen inches into my Minotaurs and BSB, and were beaten to death.

*  Steadfast is nice, but I wouldn't depend on it.  Big blocks of skinks die quick.

*  Slann are nuts.  Lon had the ability to generate an extra power dice every time he cast a spell, and it hurt a lot.  With Lore of Shadow, he was getting Pit of Shades, Pendulum of Cannonball in the Face, and Steed of Shadows off every turn. 

*  As much as Lon hurt me badly with his magic, I'm still tempted to go combat heavy eventually, once the fun of magic wears down.  Augmenting my units with Beasts magic was the most helpful thing that I did with my magic.  I managed to win the game because while Lon was magicking units down effectively, I was using my army to beat him down in the hand to hand.  Rerolling Primal Fury was excellent to help me efficiently kill everything, and eventually only his Slann remained, and was caught in hand to hand by my General.

*  We both had a blast playing Warhammer Ocho!  It's like somebody injected a little Michael Bay into Warhammer (not the dumb stories part).  The whole table seems to be exploding with quick violence all over the place.  Stuff dies in droves, and the game is bloody as heck.  I am really looking forward to my next games.


  1. The speed of the game has definately improved drastically, and no more lame charge chicken on turn 2 due to the randomness, really nice changes. Can't wait to get a game in with you guys, perhaps during free play on Sat?!

  2. I second the Ocho!

    Ben: I showed my Dad the rulebook, and he's seriously contemplating an army. We need to gang up on him, and try to get him back into the hobby.

  3. Bart, I'll bring a Warhammer Ocho Army list with me.

    K, let me know if you want to get a game in with your Ogres.