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Monday, July 26, 2010

Identify this Forest Dragon?

This past weekend, I won a Wood Elf Forest Dragon at at tournament.  It's not the Sisters of Twilight set, but rather an older model with a David Bowie type Elf riding up top with his giant feather hat.  Does anyone recognize this model, and could tell me what edition or year it's from? 

This is the first model of my High Elf / Wood Elf joint "Avelorn" themed army, and it's always exciting to get something like that.  I really am tempted to tear into it and put things together, but I need to finish up some Beastmen, Khador and Trollbloods first. 


  1. That is the old WE dragon circa late 90's.

  2. it looks like the 4th ed. one from way back. i love that one, because all i can think of is this guy:

  3. well, this dragon also appeared in the old 'source book' (dont know the correct english name, a book additional to the rule book) from 1996... so it has to be at least 13 years old