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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Project: Blood Angels

What do you do when you have two huge Space Marine armies, and still have models to paint and put together?  A little bit of Blood Angels and Space Wolves will hopefully be coming down pipes from me to you in the next few months, as I stick to a decidedly Marine trend while trying out some new books and paint schemes.

This is my first Blood Angel model, and a decent test subject.  You'll notice some differences from the official paint job.  I wanted to differentiate a bit.   I'm going to be painting up the Fourth Company, known as the "Knights of Baal".  I'm going to use an emerald paint on the shoulder pad to fancy things up a bit, and the knee pad will show individual "heraldry" for each marine, rather than a squad marking.

I hand painted the Company and Chapter symbols on each shoulder pad rather than using transfers, which was a new challenge for me, and I think it turned out well.  The sword blades have also been highlighted with mithril silver since I took the picture.  I look forward to cranking out some of his battle brothers!  Any suggestions for improvement or ideas on how to spice him up?


  1. One of the best discoveries I have made in my own Blood Angels project is Army Painter Dragon Red primer!!! It's a fantastic shade of red to begin with, and eliminates the need to black/white/grey prime then mechrite basecoat. Honestly, I can't believe how awesome this product is. Worth every penny. Check them out at www.armypainter.com incase you hadn't already heard of them.

  2. How's it going Ben! I've enjoyed reading some of your latest entries... it's good to see another SciFi Genre regular on the blogosphere. For a while I thought my group were the only ones!

    I like the idea of using metallics for the company insignia, coincidentally I'm doing the same myself. I'd enjoy comparing notes with you as I'm getting my own BA army going right now. Are you on the SFG forums too?

  3. On the SFG forums, my username is Tekore.