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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Space Hulk's Sergeant Lorenzo

I've started the project of painting the Terminators from the board game Space Hulk.  Eventually, I will add these models into my Blood Angels army, but have not yet determined a method by which I will make the bases detachable so that I can use them for 40K and Space Hulk. 

So far, I'm using a unique system to determine what order to paint these models in.  I have decided that whichever model performs particularly well in each game played will get painted first.  This is Sergeant Lorenzo, who in our first (recent) game of Space Hulk held off waves of bad guys with only his sword and some very lucky dice rolls.  He earned his paint.

I am particularly pleased with the face of the model, where I managed highlighting, a decent eye, and some sharp teeth.  I also remembered to drill out the gun, which I always forget, and I think the greens came out really nicely.  The red armor is a bit flatter than usual, because I forgot to highlight in my usual way before working on details, and thus had to fix it in small batches as I went. 

More Space Hulk models will be incoming, so stay tuned!

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  1. I love the Space Hulk models, and you're doing a good job on this one.

    I am sure there are plenty of ways to base these models so they can be used in 40k as well as in SH, but here is how I might do it.

    Get your blank terminator bases and apply some pva glue. Then put a smooth, thin layer of modelling clay on each one. If the clay is the same thickness as the model's existing base, so much the better. No need to trim the edges yet.

    Press your model's base into the clay, then cut out, following the imprint. Remove the clay on the inside, so you can see the plastic base. The pva glue should not have set up yet. Some of the clay will have been pushed out at the sides, but let it dry on the base. You can then trim and sand it flat. The pva will be dry now as well, ensuring the clay stays stuck to the base.

    Your model will now fit snugly into its own custom terminator base. All that is left is to flock the clay on the base (or whatever you usually do to your bases) and to pin. I would glue the pins to the base and leave matching holes in the models' feet. That will be more than secure enough for normal play without needing magnets.