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Monday, January 3, 2011

Brohammer Episode Three!

Even though I went on vacation, those hard-working hosts at Brohammer are still cranking out the hits!  For those who haven't yet heard, get ye to the Brohammer!  Download and listen below!

Direct download site:  http://www.cyberears.com/podcasts/podcast_5800.xml

**Note: Due to a technical issue I didn't catch early enough, the audio quality suffers (most specifically Tom's volume level).  It is still good, but if this is your first show, know that it is usually better :>

Brohammer presents "Warhammer's, Real Men of Genius" Monster double length holiday special episode.  :)

We start this episode off with some chat about what kind of beer we are drinking (Kevin's homebrew for us-Tom's got an import) and move right into what we have been doing in the hobby since last we met.

WARHAMMER"S REAL MEN of GENIUS! At the 20:37 mark we introduce our new signature digital short.  This will be a continuing spot with related contests in the future and a new "salute" every episode!

After the break we come back with coverage of Tom's recent 3 game local tourney up in IL.  Then I discuss the NC Masters tourney and the results.
A short rules section takes us out.

Happy Holidays!

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