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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Branchwraith Painted

This is my Branchwraith for this month's Tale of Painters on Warseer, and is an addition to the Army of Avelorn.  She's converted from the Dryad kit, as I'm not really sold on any of the Branchwraith (or Drycha) models I've come across.  I'm running her as a Level One with a Cluster of Radiants (extra dispel die) for 140 points.   To keep her thematically consistent with the rest of the army, I've empahsized her leaves and used blues for her eyes, the owl's eyes, and on the stone behind her. 

This brings my total painted army so far up to 752, so not bad progress.  I would like to get the full contingent of Dryads done by the new year if possible and not derailed by lack of time and Skyrim. 

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