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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jabbersclythe Model Review

My lovely wife got me the Jabbersclythe for Christmas, and I couldn't wait to put it together over the weekend.  This is my first large finecast model, and it had its ups and downs.

Overall, the Jabbersclythe didn't really have big finecast problems as much as it had some bad model problems.  Parts of it really didn't fit together well at all, which is something I've had happen on quite a few metal models from GW and Privateer Press.  There was a nice theory that the arms should attach well to the hands and tree trunk and ground piece, but in practice, that was where I had to do a majority of the greenstuffing.

In terms of miscasts, I did have to fix a small piece of one of the Jabbersclythe's horns, and fix one of his wing bones back together.  This was a total of about five minutes of work.  There were gaps between joints, as in any model, that were easily filled with liquid green stuff. 

The model itself is gorgeous and nicely detailed, and I'm excited to paint it.  I'm also glad to have the wings be a light material that went on easily, as I've had nightmares with metal wings in the past.  So while the Jabbersclythe did have some structural faults, it's still a decent model overall, although perhaps a bit much for a beginner or someone uncomfortable with green stuff.


  1. Lovely model, and glad to hear you only had minor problems with the casting.

    I don't think the "wingbones" are supposed to be there, though. I think it's only for the casting, but you're meant to cut them off. There are no such bones crossing the wings on the pictures at GW's homepage.

    Great model either way; looking forward to see some paint on the beast!

  2. Ha! Good catch! Those are coming right off!