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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011 Fantasy 'Ard Boyz Scenarios

The 2011 'Ard Boyz Scenarios have been posted, and can be found here.  The major theme you can see throughout is a strong penalty to taking a shooting army, which my Beastmen warmly approve of.  The first round is April 16th, at locations throughout the U.S. 


  1. Wow, way to make what has already become a very random game system (magic, charge distances, etc...) wayyyy more random for no particular reason. Not to mention the gian f-u this is to dwarfs.

    I especially enjoy the warmachine removing lightning (good luck with that happening on the first turn), coupled with the "no shooting this turn" d6 randomness. Not to mention the "I can't see shit" scenario. Where is the scenario that screws over combat armies in favor of shooty armies? I want a scenario where on a 4+ units can't charge or make CC attacks.

    Not to mention how silly broken the 2nd scenario is if you're playing the right army(Big Un orcs in a horde with two hand weapons... plus that item... hello silly).

    Top it all of with an auto draw possibility in the last round for a heaping pile of carp (delicious carp) that I would have to be crazy to attend.

    I put more thought into the scenarios in the doubles tourney I ran, making sure they didn't favor anyone too much and didn't break the core system or induce ridiculous amounts game deciding random rolls... and I don't get paid.

    This is the best GW can do....? shameful.

  2. Agreed. I'll attend with the Beasts at this point because it's a) free and b) I've never missed one.

  3. GW has to figure out 3 rounds of scenarios that have to pt EVERY army to the test as gun lines were severely hampered in round 1 and now magic is hurting round 2 and gun lines will be superb in round 2. Wonder what's coming round 3?