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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Cryx Notes

I answered an email the other day about my thoughts on Cryx, and more or less ended up with a ramble of thoughts on some of the Cryx models I've played....strapped for time to create Blog Content, I pass this dump of information over to my loyal readers.

Goreshade - This is the guy I got yelled at by the TO about when I went to a Greenmachine Mangled Metal Tournament.  I honestly had no idea he was so nasty, but the big thing is the ability to summon Bane Thralls and then activate them.  So you move Goreshade up, summon the Thralls, and then charge with them.  It's a nasty hail of Weapon Master troops if you get a lane to a juicy target. 

Mortenebra -  Mortenebra is a tricky model to put together, but shouldn't be a problem for you since you've been hobbying for a while.  She's 17 fiddly pieces on a medium base.  She runs Warjacks well, and has been fun.

Skarre - Skarre has been my favorite Warcaster so far.  She's fast, can have up to 12 fury with a Skarlock and her spells, and can hit like a truck.  Plus, she's a pirate.  I highly suggest picking her up for a lot of fun.

Terminus - This is my second favorite Warcaster thus far in the game.  You'll need a ton of infantry to run him, though, as his army is pretty much a delivery system to get him into base contact with the enemy. 

I've tried most of the light Warjacks except for the Nightwretch.  I really like the Defilers to take down Heavies, and the Defiler for its spray. 

Out of the Heavies, I like a few. The Deathjack is pricey in both senses of the word, but he has the potential to kill like nothing else. The Deathjack model is also amazing.  The Seether is great for a few of our Warcasters, especially those who have to conserve their focus more.  The Seether is the only Jack I've actually picked up two of as well, since you can create one with the Withershadow Combine.  I've had limited experience with the Crabjacks.  I suggest getting some Plastic Heavies as well, and then magnetizing.  Slayers are cheap, and the Reaper is my favorite Jack so far, since the ability to drag models around the table has been my favorite part of the game so far.

I highly suggest a unit of Bane Thralls and the Unit Attachment, as they are then tough and will kill whatever they hit.  I've picked up Black Ogrun for the aforementioned love of dragging enemy models around.  Mechanithralls are a great cheap horde unit, and can do some damage on low defense models.  I would highly suggest a Necrosurgeon and Stich Thralls to go with the Mechanithralls (and Skarre for sacrificing). 

A Skarlock is a must for almost all of our Warcasters.  The ability to get one of your spells for free each turn is invaluable.  Warwitch Sirens are also great for utility sprays and giving our Jacks more focus.  Finallly, Bane Lord Tartarus helps make more Banes, which is fantastic for a tough unit of Bane Thralls.

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  1. All seems very sensible to me. The Goreshade incident is just one of those things... entirely valid (in that it's not prohibited by the rules), but it does break Mangled Metal in a fairly fundamental way, and I can understand why issue is taken with it. If I'm feeling nice, I run the Iron Lich instead; decent FOC stat, couple of nice buff/debuff spells that affect warjacks nicely, and can pull the limbs off a warjack himself if it looks at him funny.