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Friday, May 7, 2010

Hordes Wold Guardian

I love how directly following my last post, where I state that I'm done painting Privateer Press stuff because I don't play the game, I see this new model picture and immediately start drooling over it.  So here's the new official statement:

I will stop collecting Privateer Press armies, but will certainly buy their models to fit into my other armies, especially if they make the basis for an amazing Tree Man conversion.


  1. Dang, that is a sweet model. I can also see it being used for a bone giant, or maybe a hellpit abomination.

  2. That is indeed pretty awesome. Is there something in the Beasts army that you could use it for, as an animated herdstone?

  3. I'm thinking it won't be out for a little while, and I really have what I need for the Beasts. I do plan on working on an Avelorn High Elf/Wood Elf army next, and I think he'd be a great Treeman.