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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Painted Beastlord!

Based on the Nahimana model from Anima Tactics, my Beastlord (who goes by the name Gortia Gorson) has been a fantastic brawler so far for me.  I based her using a rock from my garden, and then used the red caulking to cover it.  On the display board, Gortia stands on her rock in the middle of the River of Blood, surveying her troops.

I've been running Gortia with the 1+ armor save and the S8/10 one handed weapon.  She has crushed a steamtank nicely, and done some great damage around the board.  I'm still not sold on her vs. a Doombull, but she doesn't do badly at all.

What is nice is the ability to move and charge 360 degrees if necessary by detaching her from a unit.  I've had this go badly for me, but she's turned things around in a couple games and won them by doing so, and that's her plus from a Doombull, alongside her Ld 9.  Unfortunately, she doesn't provide the raw threat and destructive power that the Doombull can, and she is slower as well.

I'll have to make the call between the two at some point to focus my army for a while, and I do love this model, but I'm not sure she's worth it on the table.


  1. Hmm. Wonder if I could make a Valkiya model out of that Nahimana ...

  2. She'd make a great Valkiya!