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Friday, May 21, 2010

No Plaguebearers in the Daemon Release?!?

Bell of Lost Souls has the following up:

Latest word on the wind says the Warhammer 40k/Fantasy daemons wave headed our way in August contains the following minis:

-The Changeling
-Horrors of Tzeentch
-Plastic Daemon Prince

That pretty much the list we have been expected for a while.  Note the inclusion of the two named characters and lack of Plaguebearers.  Pics have already been seen of the Daemon prince in a variety of GW codices and supplements, and the seekers (seen below) were shown at a convention last year.


It would be a pretty ugly thing to have to special character models come out and no Plaguebearers.  Especially since those two character models are such simple conversions off of regular units that they really don't need special models.  I hope this rumor isn't quite true, and we see plastic Plaguebearers released!

1 comment:

  1. I love the rumored list of new daemon models. I am hopeful that the new seekers are ~$25.00 per 5 so I can do one massive squad of 20 for my army.

    While I am glad to know that new horrors are coming, there still seems to be debate about whether or not they are a plastic boxset or just a command squad like the Plaguebearers. There also seems to be comments from folks in the know that the new horrors are a noticable departure from the current ones.

    Since I am behind on rumors, has the plastic bloodcrushers been dropped from the list?