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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Don't Forget to Stomp!

If there's one thing that I've forgotten to do in Eighth Edition consistently, it's to Stomp.  There seems to be at least one rule per edition of Warhammer Fantasy that I always forget, and stomping seems to be it this edition.  Considering it's kind of important, I'd like to remember.  Back in Seventh Edition, I could never remember the building rules.  Of course, we didn't play with many buildings, so that worked out.  I'm not going to have that luxury with stomping. 

In my game against Ian the other day, her forgot to Thunderstomp with two Varghulfs.  It probably cost him a combat.  We didn't realize that he forgot until it was far too late, and we were already packed up with a massacre recorded in my favor.  It might have made a huge difference, and it might not, but it was a huge realization. 

I'm trying to think of solutions to help myself remember.  Perhaps I'll write a note in my lists, or paint the bases of my larger models in a bright color.  Maybe I'll just write a reminder on a piece of paper...and staple it to my forehead.   This should help until somehow I remember this tiny but important rule. 

Does anyone else have any rules that just won't stick?  If so, how did you deal with them.  I'm not quite ready to head to the rest home. 

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  1. Our whole club forgets this atm and one of them plays ogres so you can imagine how much it annoys him. Its always the same when such a big change to an edition happens, people returning to 40k often just look at you blankly when you explain that everything has "fleet" but its not fleet anymore. I constantly forget to add my "free" power dice to my slaan, a power i pay 50 points for too but still 8th is the best incarnation of any GW system yet, imo