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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why So Serious?

Lately, I've been pondering a less competitive-minded outlook on Warhammer Fantasy.  Maybe it's Eighth, or maybe I'm just getting old, but I'm starting to look at tournaments as more about just going and playing some Warhammer than about the struggle to win or lose.  Not that I don't want to try, but it seems that right now the game may be a bit more about list making than it used to be, and I'm not sure I want to pack the super doom cheese list every time I go out.  So I'm thinking about new things.

I got into things a long time ago to assemble cool models, do my best job painting them, and to play out the cool ideas in my head on an actual board.  The Games Workshop folks really want to push their game as a casual, cup of tea drinking type game, and perhaps I should stop fighting them so hard in trying to find balance and such.  Instead, I could work to enjoy the parts of the game that I got into the hobby for.

So I'll give it a try.  I'll make some scenarios, try to build some terrain, and work at finding some fellow crazy folk to try out something new and fluffy.  I'm not going to stop going to tournaments and such, and I sure as heck haven't lost my will to play hard and win, but maybe trying another tack will add some spice.


  1. and if you want to play serious, what will you do? Bring a tougher Warhammer army, or maybe give Warmachine another shot? Thoughts?

  2. Some days, my army build is just going to have to be a little more crazy. If I'm going to go face Teclis and Power Scrolls, I'll just have to adopt a "When in Rome" attitude that day. I'd like to see a little bit of local comp, perhaps, though.

    I'm not sure if it's the power levels of the armies that gets me, though. I have a feeling Eighth may just be a bit too random.

    I do not believe, looking at win results, that Warmachine is balanced, unless you play Vlad. Then you can play the other 90% of the Vlad lists near the top tables.