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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Basing: Before or After?

Posting has been a bit slow.  I started a new job, which is taking more than the bulk of my time and attention at the moment.  I also don't want to post stuff up just to be filler, so as things settle down I hope to create more "quality" content.  We shall see. 

The question I want to throw out to you, the gentle reader, is about basing.  I've always painted my model first, and then based.  While it was be a bit messy, with a bit of practice I avoid getting much of anything on the model itself.  But I hear people swear by basing first.  My fear is that I wouldn't get the model attached to the base properly with the basing material attached.  So I hoped to get a little feedback here.  What do you do, and what are the benefits?  Can you assuage my fear or prebasing? 


  1. I've had the best results when painting the base and the model seperately. You will have to pin the model to the base and make sure it sits nicely before you paint them. Sometimes you will have to remove some bigger pebbles so that the foot touching the base is as flat as possible to it. When I finish painting both I just glue them using thick super glue which fills in all the small gaps between the bottom of the foot and the base. Hope this helps.

  2. I base before I glue the mini to it. It allows me to do the base without worrying about getting anything on the mini itself, and with planning you can add some nice touches. Securing them isn't that bad, I use superglue (I have had a few breakages, admittedly) or you can pin them onto it (not that practical for orks though).

  3. If I'm doing a normal base for a normal model, I'll glue the model to the base, apply sand, prime, and paint. I just found it was so much less trouble to have the sand primed with the spray than to try and paint it later.

    If the model is something nice that I want to spend some extra time on I will base it after.

  4. I prety much do waht Simon does and
    prime over the sand, I find it stays on better that way, the last thing I do after painting the
    model is paint and lightly flock the bases.

  5. I use the following method when basing my models:

    Build model
    Glue to base
    Apply sand to base with white glue, wait to dry
    Apply watered down white glue to seal, wait to dry
    Prime model
    Base coat and drybrush base before painting model

    The last step saves touchup time on the boots if model is painted first and allow base to be painted more quickly without worry of messing up painted model.

    An alternative to this to save more time is to prime model before basing then just wash with heavy wash of GW Brown Ink. This will leave a variation in color so no drybrushing involved. To bad they stopped making this.

  6. I build the model and attach it to the base, attach the basing material to the base, prime it all and then paint the model and then the base.

    If I'm using resin bases, it's the same thing, paint the model first and then the base.

  7. I do it the same way as RonSaikowski. I just find it simpler that way.

  8. I've just completed a batch of x50 Skaven in a week, and this was the first time I have based first.
    I don't think there is a huge difference between the two to be honest, EXCEPT:
    a.) Basing first means you don't have to worry about screwing up the feet. You can just paint over errors later...
    b.) for some reason it was a huge relief to know that when I was done with the figures I then didn't have to spend ANOTHER couple of hours on the bases 'coz it was all out of the way already!