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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rebalancing in Eighth - From Old and Busted to the New Hotness

One of the things I'm enjoying most about Eighth Edition is the complete rebalancing of armies that has occurred.  Unless you're new to the game, you'll remember the lovely army power tiers from last edition.  Some books were just miles better at using Seventh Edition rules, with Daemons at the very top all the way to Ogres and Orcs at the bottom of the heap. 

Eighth Edition, I'm sure, has it's own tiers that will shake out eventually.  Some army books, such as High Elves and Lizardmen, sure look scary out of the gate, and it's not like Dark Elves really got worse.  For the most part, however, things seem more balanced overall.  Part of this might be that the game is still in its infancy, and people are trying out a variety of lists, with all sorts of fun things making it to the table.  No army really seems to be in terrible shape, however, as long as you ignore the internet hysterics and the theoreticians who don't actually play.

Last week, I got to play Brian with his Orcs and Goblins.  I had my Dark Elves.  In Seventh, Dark Elves would have been a top tier army, and Orcs on the bottom.  The Druchii would have had a ton of advantages, at least on paper.  In Eighth, Brian's Orcs were scary stuff!  He had a variety of good, cheap Lords and Heroes, magic that worked out great for him, and tons and tons of Orc Boyz.  He broke my big blocks of troops, fed me cheap garbage, and sniped my main mage out with a stone thrower.  Yikes!

It ended up being a lot of fun, and reminded me that Eighth is a whole new ball game.  So here's to Orcs, and all the other armies that suffered for years.  Now they're the new hotness!

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