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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brawler Bash IV - Day One

After Brawler Bash, I scribbled down my thoughts about my games so that I could copy them here.  Now that I have the chance, I'll attempt to read my chicken scratch and give some short battle reports. 

Game One

My first game was against Jerry, who I played and lost to in the final game of last year's Bash.  I was hoping to even the score.  Jerry's Empire army was very cool and well done, with a Sigmarite Zeppelin representing a Hero on Pegasus, and every model having individual colors and heraldry.  He had (roughly):

Arch Lector on War Altar
Level 4 Shadow Mage on Foot (in a unit of Swordsmen)
BSB Captain and War Priest in a unit of ten Knights
Captain on Pegasus
3-4 Big Blocks of Swordsmen
A Horde of 40 Halberdiers. 
2 Cannons, a Hellblaster, A Mortar, and a Steamtank.

Our mission was Dawn Attack.  Jerry's game was a story of bad luck, whereas I couldn't roll badly.  He deployed a coupld warmachines and his big troop blocks in the center, with a Steamtank and Zeppelin on one side and his Knights and Altar with his other Warmachines on the other.  I countered by covering one corner opposite his Steam Tank with almost my entire army, with one Razorgor opposite his Knights and Warmachines on the other side of the board.

On my first turn, my Level 4 pulled off a Purple Sun, which went 30 inches and destroyed his Steam Tank.  Meanwhile, my Razorgor opposite his Knights moved up the board to threaten his war machines.  Jerry took the bait, and used his Knights to block the Razorgor on his turn.  He moved up a bit and shot a bit, but nothing major occurred.  On my second turn, my Level 4 again hit a 30 inch Purple Sun after my Shadow mages lowered his War Altar's initiative, and the Altar was destroyed.  The Sun also clipped his Level 4 Mage, which failed her Look Out, Sir! check and died as well.  At this point, my Razorgors had also gotten into his war machines.  There was a little more shooting, but Jerry's dice continued to desert him, and between my magic and my Bestigors, I took his Knights and remaining characters down.  In the end, Jerry's Horde failed a stubborn check after losing combat to my Bestigors, and fled off the table.  At that point, he called the game. 

Jerry was a great opponent again this year, and went on to win his other four games and finish 5th overall for the tournament. 

Game Two

My second game was against Jason, who had his Daemons.  The scenario was a modified Watchtower, in which the watchtower itself was replaced by a hill.  Units touching the very center of the hill became stubborn, and whoever controlled the hill at the end of the game won the entire game.  Jason had:

Greater Daemon of Tzeentch with Lore of Tzeentch
Herald of Tzeentch with Lore of Life
2 Units of 35 Bloodthirsters
Two Small Units of Screamers
A Unit of Furies
Six Bloodcrushers

Jason won the game in the first turn, by winning the roll to go first and marching both units of Bloodletters onto the hill.  One unit became stubborn, and if that unit was destroyed the other unit would be the closest to the hill's center and become stubborn int it's place.  This was a masterful move on his part, and meant that destroying his entire army was really the only way I could have a shot at winning the game.  I grinded the Bloodletters, but couldn't kill them off by the end of Turn Six. 

This was my second time playing Jason, and he is a great player and a ton of fun to play against.  The scenario was a bit rough on me, but I look forward to our next game.  Jason went on to win Best General at the Bash and place second overall. 

Game Three

Michael was my third round opponent, and had flown up from Texas to attend the Bash and visit our mutual friend Lance.  He borrowed Lance's Empire for the tournament, although his normal army was Skaven.  We played the Blood and Glory scenario, and the matchup did not favor him.  He had:

A War Altar
2 Level Twos
Swordsman and Halberd Blocks
Several War Machines
A Steam Tank

Michael started with six Fortitude.  I have trouble remembering his exact list, as our game was very short.  There was minor shooting on his part at my large (45) Gor block, but my Level 4 quickly sniped his General off the War Altar.  I then plowed my Chariot, Razorgors, and a unit of Bestigor into one of his smaller units with a standard, and ran them off the table.  Because of Blood and Glory, his army then broke automatically, giving me the big win.  Michael was very gracious and a great opponent, even when things went against him that quickly. 

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