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Friday, April 22, 2011

Brawler Bash IV - Day Two

Now that I've gone ahead and lost my notes from the last two games, we'll see how much I can remember.

I finished the first day, 2-1, and had a chance to do well going forward.  Then I sat down to my Round Four, and got a wee bit nervous.

Round Four

Jon was my opponent in Round Four, and brought the Double Abomination Skaven scariness.  He did only have one magic user, a Level Four Gray Seer, and rounded things off with several blocks of Slaves, Clanrats (including a block with his War Litter General and BSB (which was in the second rank, grr!) and a Warp Lightning Cannon, as well as two groups of Gutter Runners.

Since I don't have notes, I'll hit the pivotal stuff.  We played Meeting Engagement, where units and characters have to stay in reserve if they roll a one.  Deployment was weird, with only my Gor block of 45 getting left in reserve.  This caused my BSB and General to be in the Flaming Banner group of Bestigor instead of my Gor. 

By the beginning of turn two, Jonathan had killed all four of my mages using his Abominations and General's unit.  My level four had managed to use his bound Stone of Spite, which killed Jon's Grey Seer.  At this point, I was pretty nervous.

Enter the Bestigor.  These guys, combined with the General and BSB, suddenly became an unstoppable unit.  They got charged by the Skaven General unit with BSB and an Abomination, and chopped everyone down.  They chased a couple other Clanrat units and the other Abomination until everything died, and Jon ended up with nothing left except a few low point rats on the table.  His WLC had been eaten by a Razorgor.

Massacre to me, and I believe Jon went down as my favorite opponent of the tournament.  He was a great sport when he was kicking my butt, and a great sport when the tides turned.

Game Five

Joel was my final opponent, and was somebody I had never had a chance to play before.  He had a pure Nurgle Daemon army, with a Great Unclean One, Three Blocks of 25 Plaguebearers with Heralds, Three Beasts of Nurgle, and Five Swarms of Nurglings.

Our final match was straight Battleline.  Joel got an early lead when I charged a unit of Plaguebearers in the flank with my Flaming Banner Bestigor, only to whiff and end up fleeing.  His Great Unclean one charged my other Bestigor, and while the GUO killed a ton of the Bestigor, he didn't manage to kill my Level Four in the unit.  The Bestigor fled through my Gor block, and then rallied.

At this point, I managed to get some good magic off, and took down his Great Unclean One, followed by a Purple Sunning of one of the Plaguebearer blocks.  My Gor Block moved up, and supported by Beast and Shadow buffs and debuffs took another Plaguebearer block out.  Meanwhile, my Chariot and Razorgors were busy tying his Nurglings and Beasts of Nurgle up on the other side of the Board.  Joel ended up killing them, but not soon enough, and the game ended with my achieving a massacre.

So I ended the tournament 4-1, and placed 3rd overall out of 38.  Not bad for some bright orange Beastmen!