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Monday, April 18, 2011

Brohammer Episode 6 is out!

Check out the new episode of the Brohammer podcast, released yesterday!  It's got some Brawler Bash and Grail Quest tournament action, and is a great time!

From their website

Sunday, April 17, 2011Brohammer ep006 "Brawler Bash 2011"

Ep006 of Brohammer "Brawler Bash 2011" has gone GOLD!

Get it here: http://www.cyberears.com/podcasts/podcast_5800.xml

Also available on itunes a few hours after this post!

-We start off with introductions and our wet your whistle/whatcha' drinking section.

-At 14:30 we announce the winner of the Warhammer's Real Men of Genius Contest and debut the winning submission!

-At 16:20 We start on our What's going on in Warhammer section. Kevin and I attended Grail Quest in Durham NC. We have a short musical interlude after that and hear from our guest Jim Emerick about a recent tourney he attended out on the West Coast at 49:04.

-We debut a 2nd RMoG

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