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Monday, April 25, 2011

Podcasts You Might Enjoy

Hey kids,

I end up listening to a lot of podcasts at work, as well as audiobooks, to better pass the time.  Here's a rundown of three that I particularly enjoy, and that you might as well:

Brohammer is a local podcast dealing with Warhammer Fantasy.  It's well done, and humorous, dealing with everything from book reviews to tactics. 

Pointhammered is a hilarious podcast recorded up in Wisconsin also dealing with Warhammer Fantasy.  Their thoughts on painting and play are pretty valuable, and you can tell they're having a great time recording. 

The D6 Generation is a general gaming podcast that is a great time to listen to, and offers a ridiculous amount of content.  It's hooked me up with a few great board games over the years!

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