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Thursday, May 26, 2011

So What's Coming in Finecast?

There's a fair bit of hate online for the new Finecast models (or at least the price hike that comes with them), but all I'm interested in is getting my hands on one and trying the new stuff out.  Here's my question instead.  Will everything that is currently metal be reintroduced all at once in Finecast, or will things come in waves, or will Finecast models only be released for each individual model once that model runs out of metal units? 

I know the new Tomb Kings stuff is up for preorder now in Finecast, but I'm very interested to see how the rest of the range is handled.  Will some armies still be metal until they're updated 8-10 years from now?  I'm looking at you, Beastmen.  I'd like to see Finecast spread quickly to all armies, but I can see how metal models currently existing shouldn't go to waste.  What's your take?


  1. I think that they're moving all the metals to FC, though how long it might take and if some figs might get retired instead is anyone's guess. The various metal Eldar aspect warriors for example are going to FC, so they should be all "plastic" soon.

    As for existing stocks, I guess they'll keep selling them if folks want them till they're gone. Local stores certainly still have metal minis; it's not like they've done a recall or anything.

  2. I really do hope that they completely restock on finecast over metal, since I've started, trying to paint on metal has been a pain. Especially for special characters where you want them look pristine.

    I don't think there gonna just remove everything right away it will be gradual, they'll sell out of the metal stuff and restock on resin.

  3. Personally I prefer the metals over plastic, they have a nice weight to them.
    So I have bought the ones I most wanted out of the GW range just to have them in metal before they are gone/turned plastic.
    I mostly just paint thought, I can see why a gamer wouldn't like the chafing metallics.

    Seems unlikely that they will recast all the old metallics. My guess would be that they just make resin versions of the most popular ones and leave the not-so-popular figs out.

    For that, I wonder if they're resculpting the models that will be converted, seems like a waste to make new molds if they're gonna look exactly like the metallic version.
    At least to me it would seem the point of makin resins is that you can get much finer detail.

  4. Well Ben, at least you know that Sci Fi will offer a good 30+% off the metal once Finecast does gets stocked.

    Can you imagine about my Ogres? Maneaters and Tyrants, and Oooh a Scraplauncher in Resin? Sign me up!

  5. Thanks for all the comments! I've got a very "wait and see" attitude towards the resin myself, and am not rushing to make a decision on it until I actually put together and paint up a model.

    Kris, the rumors I've heard is that at least the Scraplauncher will be plastic in the Ogre release, and the kit will also make some kind of wagon.