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Monday, May 16, 2011

Wooly Bull, Doombull For Hire!

I'm continuing to work away at finishing my Beastman army, and figured out the other day that I had:

Five Chariots
Ten Minotaur
Ten Centigor
Twenty Warhounds
2-3 Characters

left to paint.

I finished up ten Bestigor last night, and recently painted up my Doombull as well.

I waited on painting the Doombull since, like most Beastman players, I tend to run the Beastlord and Great Bray-Shaman instead.  The Doombull is a killing machine, but is hard to hide from cannons and the like without a solid minotaur bunker.  He is also very expensive, and all three Lord choices can't make it into a game realistically.  I do love the games where I run the Bull, simply because he scares my opponents silly, until that sad moment when he gets shot off the table.