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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Grail Quest Winners and Final Results

Congratulations to the winners at Grail Quest IV:  Lethal Flagon!

Best Overall:  Eoin Whelan
Best General:  Jason Conca
2nd Best Overall:  Jerry Parsley
3rd Best Overall:  Chris Cline
Best Painted:  Jim Chadwick
Best Sportsman:  Tony Nelson

Grail Quest Final Score Report

Soft Score Explanation:

Each section of the questionnaire that you filled out at the end of each round (sports and painting) contained ten questions. Each positive response to a question was worth 125 vp for the opposing player. For example, if Tom and Collins played a game and Tom answered "Yes" to all ten sportsmanship questions about playing Collins, Collins would receive a sportsmanship score of 1250. When Tom then answered only five of the painting questions about Collins army with a "Yes", then Collins would only earn a painting score of 625 for that round.

All three round scores were then averaged and added to total battle vp for the overall score. In addition, each time a player received a vote for best painted army, they received an additional fifty points to their overall score. Each time a player received a vote for favorite opponent, they received an additional one hundred points to their overall score. Soft scores combined made up roughly 25-40% of overall scores, depending on battle vp.

Any feedback for next year's tournament is very welcome, as I always aim to improve the tournament experience from year to year. 

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