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Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Update: February 6th, 2012

Not much painting and modeling getting done this weekend, but there was a ton of gaming and a very busy weekend. 

On Saturday, I played in a 1,000 point, four round Warhammer 40K tournament.  Sadly, I went 1-3, with two losses being close and one loss coming from Grey Knights blowing me off the table on turn one before I had a chance to play.  These things happen in 1,000 points, I suppose.  Four short games did lead to me getting in four games on Innovation on the side, though, which was pretty great. 

On Sunday, I played in a session of Mouseguard first-timers, and it was pretty fantastic.  The great character creation and a combat/crafting/doing anything system that is simple and intuitive leads to a great game, as did the great people that I was playing the game with. 

I got three rounds of frisbee golf in as well, so all in all it a very enjoyable weekend, although I would love to have another weekend just to recover!

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