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Friday, February 3, 2012

New Army Case / Display Board

I'm constantly looking for a way to easily and safely move my models around, and I'm constantly disappointed.  Foam is great for smaller armies, but it's tough with larger fantasy armies both in terms of setup time and the sheer amount of foam you need.  I have a nice wooden case, which holds a decent amount, but it weighs alot and is very large, so it only gets broken out for grand tournaments and the like. 

I think my latest attempt at creating a case might be the best so far.  I took a storage bin and lid, flipped the lid upside down, and glued some sheet steel to the underside of the lid.  The steel is painted, so that the lid can now be used as a display board, and my magnetized models now sit on the steel.  When I want to travel with the army or store it neatly, I can place the bottom section (the container) on top. 

The one downside is that I can't find a larger lid for even a huge storage bin, and will have to do some more looking around for that.  Right now, I can fit my 2500 points of Wood Elves on the bin I have, but I"ll need something larger for Beastmen or future projects that are not so compact.


  1. Wow, really cool solution! Yet another reason I wish I had magnetized my bases....

  2. Yes indeed, a very cool idea. I imagine my wife getting quite upset though when I explain what I've done with the cake size tupperware bin.

    Looks like I's have to go buy my own for this project.
    Thanks for sharing the idea!

    Ron, From the Warp