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Monday, November 12, 2012

Bull City Wargaming - Episode 12

Hey kids!

Sorry for the delay of game in getting episode 12 out into your earholes, but Tom's parent's are in town and he hasn't had a chance until now to do so.

This episode is a listener special, and we've got a lot to go through. In there we try and work out the best video games ever, whether a Mangler Squig is worthy of the Citadel Hall of Fame and why Penfold is better than Danger Mouse ever will be.

Secondly, we talk you through the Compbreaker Challenge, where Tom's Ogres take on Ben's Wood Elves in a bloody battle to the end.

There's also a review of the latest Chaos releases for Warhammer, we talk Legion in the Horus Heresy Book Club and we attempt to do a live version of Warhammer Trivia which may or may not be any good. Plus Michael Penny's Random Fact of The Week!



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