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Friday, November 16, 2012

New 40K Scenario

This is the original 40K scenario we tried at the 40K scenario this past weekend. It was fun, although it has some balance issues. It uses two 4 by 4 boards kept separate from one another (we used crates to raise on up higher).

Mission Three: Blackstone Assault

As Cygnus IV collapses under the pressures of constant war and bombardment, your armies must make a last ditch attempt to take the Fortress above. Using Teleportation technology, you must attempt to take control of the fortress above, which will offer your army many advantages.

Deployment Map: Special (Lower Board starts as Dawn of War)

Deployment: Deployment takes place on the lower board. Before deploying their forces, each player should first roll for their Warlord Traits and psychic powers where needed.

Roll off. The winner may choose to deploy first or second. The player who deploys first deploys their entire force, except for any units held in reserve, into their deployment zone.

First Turn: The player who deployed first also has the first turn, unless their opponent can Steal the Initiative.

Game Length: This mission uses the rules for variable game length.

Victory Conditions: This mission uses objective markers. At the end of the game the player with the most victory points has won the game. If both players have the same number of victory points, the game is a draw.

Primary Objectives: At the end of the game, the Fortress Control Token is worth 10 Victory Points to the player who controls it.

Secondary Objectives: Slay the Warlord and First Blood.

Teleportation: Units ending their movement within 2” of the Teleportation Token in the middle of the board can use it to teleport that unit to the upper board Teleportation Token. The upper board represents the Blackstone Fortress.

Bombardment: A player who begins his Shooting Phase in control of the Orbital Laser may use it to fire one S 10, AP 2 Large Blast Template onto ANY LOWER TABLE, including the tables of other players.

Total War: Crippling your opponent while taking the Fortress is critical, and as such removing his important units from the game is a priority. Destroyed enemy units are worth a varying number of victory points to the player depending on their military value.

Unit Type Victory Points

Headquarters 3
Elites 2
Fast Attack 2
Heavy Support 2
Troops 1
Dedicated Transports 1

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