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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Drop Pod Assembly Thoughts

I'm in the middle of assembling two drop pods, with two "done" in the picture below and two to go. It's a remarkable kit, in both good and bad ways. Some of my thought:

You need to assemble up to a point, paint the model, and then finish assembly. I assembled the top and bottom halves, and left the harnesses unattached. Otherwise, I couldn't paint the model well or easily.

Mold Lines everywhere! I spent probably an hour on each Pod removing these thick, very noticeable lines.

Bad directions! GW's directions for assembly are probably the worst I've seen. They're unclear and not detailed. I google searched for clearer direction.

The model goes together very well! For all the issues in prepping it, the Drop Pod goes together like a watch, with everything sliding into place.

It's not a beginners model. Had I tried to put it together early in my hobby years, the results would have been disastrous!

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