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Monday, November 2, 2009

Plastic Jacks

In comments, Simon asked, "What do you think of the new plastic 'jacks? Personally, I'm finding that the metal ones look a lot more Khadoran. The new ones seem very sleek and I don't like the proportions as much."

Let me start with the positives. Plastic Jacks are wonderful, in that they can be converted and magnetized and all that other good stuff. I'm thrilled that Privateer is moving in this direction.

However, like yourself, I'm not thrilled with the Khador Jacks. Don't get me wrong, I'll want to mess with that plastic kit pretty bad when it releases. But our metal Jacks, at least our good metals Jacks, are bulky and stocky. They exemplify their fluff, the "Khadoran Spirit" so to speak. Plodding, methodical, tenacious, tough as nails. They are solid and unyielding.

The new Khador Jacks...well, they're nice, but they're sleek and faster looking, with overblown, cartoonish features. They are not solid, and look like another Jack could just push them over. Also, I'm not a big fan of the buzzsaw thing on the Decimator, because it looks like something Wile E. Coyote might use (from a front angle, anyway).

What's hard is that I think the other factions really did well. The new Cygnar Jacks are gorgeous to my eye. Protectorate plastic Jacks are much better looking than their predecessors, and Skorne retained that skittery look (and will be well served by lighter plastic in the future). It's not that Khador didn't get nice looking Jacks, they just don't look quite as solid.

So in conclusion, I don't love them. Maybe they'll grow on me.

But yeah, I'll be picking some up the first day I can.

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  1. I think you mean Cryx not Skorne I can see the confusion as they are both spikey as heck :)