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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Short Tournament Recap - Sci Fi Genre 11/21/09

So I played in another one of the bimonthly Sci Fi Genre Fantasy Tournaments, something I always look forward to doing. It was the regular deal, 2250 points and three rounds. The scenarios were Thanksgiving themed, which was pretty fun. I managed to pull out a first place finish out of thirteen players attending, and had three good games. One of these days, I'm going to remember the whole camera thing, so I can start doing battle reports on video again.

I ran my Dark Elves with some of the old tricks, being as I'd been running them without for a while. I had the Pendant on my Lord riding a Black Dragon, a Cauldron of Blood, and a Scroll Caddy. Three units of Dark Riders, Black Guard with the Ring and an Assassin, and a small group of Shades. And of course, the Hydra and two Bolt Throwers.

Round One

In the first round I played Chris with his Empire. I think I played him a year ago with the same list, which had two units of Knights, two or three infantry blocks screened by skirmishers, a War Alter, and a Steam Tank, plus two cannons, two mortars, and a Hellblaster Volley Gun.

He had some bad rolls, missing with his big guns in the first round aside from putting a couple wounds on my dragon. Like most gun lines, things began to fall apart quickly as I pulled my army closer to his, and I quickly began to make a mess of things in his front. His Alter Priest was not equipped with the Speculum, and so my Assassin and Black Guard slowly chewed it up. The Dragon and Hydra ate war machines and then went to work on the infantry block. I managed to hold down the Steam Tank with the Cauldron of Blood, which can manage impact hits beautifully.

The scenario involved bonus points for capturing a turkey in the middle of the table, which I did early with some Dark Riders. I ended with a massacre, having nearly wiped everything he had off the table.

I'll try and get the other two rounds up tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!

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