Upcoming North Carolina Tournaments

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Madness

On January 10th, I have a tournament that I already have a list locked in for. It has a twenty-three strong Spearmen unit and seven Shades. I don't have these units painted, and I generally like to take painted models to tournaments....so these need to get done. I'll also be out of town from Tuesday to Saturday next week. Being as I like to overdo things, I suppose, I now present my recipe for going crazy.

Step 1 - Set yourself a deadline, lets say the evening of December 21st, to finish all the Spearmen.

Step 2 - Go ahead and assemble and prime all of your spearmen that you own. Forty-five of them, to be exact, since you might as well do them all at once.

Step 3 - Line them up. Look upon them, and despair. Think about how you have 12 hour work days for the next two days.

Step 4 - Get to work. Crazy incoming!


  1. Washes! Get them base coated and then give them a heavy wash of brown or black.

  2. That's more or less what they get. I hit them with the base coats, then a wash or two of Gryphonne Sepia (good stuff with the red and bronze and sand base). Command groups get some highlights. I have all Saturday and Sunday to get these done, just have to see how the time pans out.