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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The 7th Edition Farewell Tour

As Seventh Edition of Warhammer Fantasy winds down, I'd like to give each of my armies a final run around the table before things change.  The plan is at least three games before Eighth comes out, with each of my armies. 

So we'll have to dig the Bretonnians out of storage.  The plan is to run each of my old fun builds, so probably I'll dig out the nights and just try and steamroll a table like the old days.

Next, we'll grab the Dark Elves.  I'd like to run them with the Black Guard, and maybe give Steve the Black Dragon a flight or two across the table.  They're a tough group, and I want them to have some fun before they get arguably better in the next edition. 

Finally, the Beasts.  They're my newest babies, and I've had plenty of opportunity to play them, but it'd be great to get them out one more time and have them eat some fleshy weaklings. 

Watch for the Video Battle Reports coming soon as I take the Seventh Edition Farewell Tour!

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