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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

OMG Work!

As I'm suddenly called into work unexpectedly today, I didn't have my post prepared beforehand.  Instead, I leave you with this:


Perhaps we need something like this for the Imperial Guard.

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  1. The round in the video is a 7.62x39, Full Metal Jacket, Brass Cased, Berdan Primed. Fired by the Avtomat Kalishnakova, the most mass produced tactical carbine in history. More have been produced than all other types of assault rifle combined. Excellent round at close range (under 200 meters). The video caught my attention because I just bought a sporterized AK chambered for 5.62 NATO. Basically an AK-101. Shoots a little flatter and less recoil so the wife can handle it. Have fired the AK in the original 7.62x39 many times. Simple battery of arms, hefty recoil, nice loud bang. Lots of fun to shoot.