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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dark Elf Assassin

Sometimes, you just have to pop out of a group of Spearmen and just stab a whole ton of the enemy right in the neck, and to do that properly, there's only one model to call.

Somehow, GW really didn't make a bad assassin model. I have two of them, plus Shadowblade, and they were all awesome to paint and look great on the table.  I've never run all three in a list (yet), so they get to rotate duties. 

I'm worried about their place in Eighth Edition, or lack thereof.  With stepping up, attacks will always come back, and so the Assassin can pop out and do a lot of damage, but then he'll always get hit back, and probably hard.  Aside from using him on elite cavalry, I can't see where he's going to earn his worth when he appears.  Maybe there's something I don't understand yet...or maybe he'll be retired for a while.

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