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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Team Blizzardmen: A Combined LIzardmen and Beastmen Force

Most times, I try and make the pictures make sense, but this is what came up when I searched Google, and I laughed so hard we're going with it instead.

Lon and I are going to play in the WFB Doubles tournament on the 19th with a combined force of his Lizardmen and my Beastmen.  We're working through several different ideas on how to best combine those armies.

Our original idea was to spam magic like crazy, using the Herd Stone and an Engine of the Gods.  We took four level two mages altogether, with the Stone providing each with more power dice.  We were generating near twenty dice a turn!  We figured this would be a pretty fun weird way to play, since we both usually play combat, plus it would be fun to surprise our opponents with the sheer craziness of the army.  We figured it would be effective, but we needed to play test it before the tournament to see if it would actually be fun to play, and not just mean. 

We got in a game against Brad and Blair, with their combined VC/WE force, and learned a few things about our combination.  We won the game, but more through combat!  Lots of dice are nice, but the magic wasn't particularly effective.  Worse, it was slow, and it wasn't fun to just roll a bunch of dice.  I've never played super magic/shooty heavy before, but I'm not sure how people stomach watching their opponents' faces as they lob buckets of dice at them.  Yuck. 

So I think we're back to the drawing board, to think about things like magic defense and combat goodness!  I hope anyone who can makes it up to the doubles tourney on the 19th, as it's going to be a great time and a fantastic way to say goodbye to 7th Edition!

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