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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beastman Herdstone Unit Fillers

Because Bestigors are really, really expensive.  Seriously, Eighth Edition made big blocks of infantry awesome, and that's been a lot of fun, but the cost of armies has gone way up along at the same time.  A block of thirty Bestigors is about $120 U.S. at retail.   I use a couple of these "herdstones" in each unit to fill the unit out, without breaking the bank.

The stones themselves were easy to make.  I took some oven-bake clay from the local craft store, and molded the shape out.  After they baked, I painted them in stone colors, and then put a little dab of bloody rune on each one.  They're on fifty millimeter bases, so each represents four Bestigors in a unit.  I  space them out in the second-fourth ranks, and they fit in really well.

I will most likely do something like this for all future armies, like flagellants dragging a shrine, etc.  It saves me some money, and adds a little something extra to the army, so everyone wins!


  1. Good way to bulk up a unit! I assume your opponents don't have any problem with it? Would certainly be fine by me if someone wanted to do this, but I imagine there are people out there that would moan.

  2. I haven't run into any problems yet, and have been using them for a while. I think that at least locally, this kind of thing is a popular idea for horde units.