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Monday, November 1, 2010

First Twenty-Five Gors out the Door!

My first fifty Gors are now finished and based.  Here's the picture of numbers one through twenty-five.  A few notes:

* I went with orange fur, and purple cloth on the "clothes".  This fit into my "He-Man" Beastman theme, and also just makes them look different from the tired "dirty brown and gray" paint scheme that I had before. 

*  The banner is a Beastman banner with the odd skull head.  It's one of the few non-other army banners I have so far, as I'm trying to get a lot of "despoiled" banners in there.  The design is supposed to look like someone smeared blood and other such fluids on it nonsensically.

*  The basing is sand, followed by patches made from a mixture of light green and yellow grass.

I hope you like them.  As always, comments and criticism are welcome.


  1. Looking good Ben. Can't wait to see them across the table...running. :-P

  2. That is going to be a looooong wait, then! These Gors don't run, unless it's after fleeing Ogres!

    Also, I didn't note that each batch of 25 has "face paint" of a different color, a la Braveheart. These guys are green, but there are red, dark blue, and light blue groups as well.

  3. Nice! You paint so freak'n fast dude.

    I like the grass on the base, gives 'em a lush feel.

    I'll take a rematch anytime! :p