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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brohammer, Episode Two!


I should have put this up earlier, but got busy last week.  For those of you who haven't listened to a little Brohammer yet, or missed the first episode, you'll want get on over to http://brohammercast.blogspot.com/ and download now, or do so on Itunes.  It's a quality show!

They've got some new segments:

-2 Engineers, 1 Cop: 'nuff said

-Work in Warhammer:
Long segment where Tom talks about getting some work done on his vintage Wood Elf army.  Kevin talks about trading and Erik talks about commision work

-Coming Events Section

-BRAND NEW ** SARS Section:
We talk about tricky rules and cheater dice!

Podcast Hosting

Direct DL:

iTunes: (takes a few hours to show up)

Enjoy the show!  Sign up on the forums and leave itunes reviews!

Links for topics from the show:
Games Day at the Cage in Highpoint NC:

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