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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Death Company Painting

After painting the one hundred Gors, I got a little tired.  It's always nice to have some characterful models to paint after working on a big batch, so I started with Charles Sharkley from a couple posts back.  He was still a bit Gor-like, and I really wasn't feeling up to doing a squad of something, but I knew I had to get some Blood Angels done.

Enter the Death Company.

I put together ten models, with parts mixed between the Death Company box and an Assault Squad box.  Every single model is like painting a character.  They have details upon details upon details, with cool weapons to spare.  What an awesome kit.  I've base coated them all, and am now painting them one at  a time.  Thanks to GW and the designers for an awesome  painting and modeling experience!

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