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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Catch Up - November 29, 2010

Having a little time off for Thanksgiving was fun, and I've gotten quite a few things done in the past week or so. 

*  Assembled and painted two Rhinos for the Blood Angels.  One is the regular red, the other a Death Company black.  These have some of my first attempts at free hand, and I'll have them up soon.

*  Assembled the rest of my Beastman army, which consisted of six chariots, ten war hounds, ten Bestigor, and several characters. 

*  Scrubbed the paint off of the rest of the Beastmen that were in Simple Green, and then reprimed them.

*  Started painting fifty ungor.  I did the base flesh and orange on all fifty, and then finished twenty last night.  I'll do the rest in another couple batches.

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  1. I think "gotten quite a few things done in the past week or so" is quite an understatement! Sounds like a VERY productive few days...