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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Leviathan (Helljack, Not Hive Fleet)

Crab Jacks for Cryx pack a heck of a points cost!  While they're both scary machines, I'm liking the Leviathan a bit more than the Harrower right now, if only because my main opponent has been packing a lot of beasts and not a lot of infantry.  Up to three high power shots every turn with bonuses against large targets can really make a nasty difference in a game. 

My Leviathan is also practicing a magical feat of physics currently, as he is perched with just a tiny bit of green stuff on his tiny back legs.  He's a heavy metal model to do that , so I keep waiting for him to be dropped / a child to pick him up and break him / a stiff breeze to break the green stuff connection.  Until then, he's gonna rock out on two legs. 


  1. Cool Leviathan! In all honesty, the stupid thing breaks in a stiff breeze anyway and only naturally installs three feet on the base, so you're probably not taking that much of a risk. I actually sank the pointy claws into the base for stability's sake (plus it looked like it was walking across a swamp all sinky-like).

  2. Nice! I've seen a couple that kind of look like they're coming out of a swamp. My Harrower, on the other hand, just looks like it's having trouble walking in order to fit all four claws on the base.