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Friday, February 18, 2011

Painted War Witch Siren and the Alternate Model Conundrum

A problem that we get into with a lot of Privateer Press (and some GW) models is variability.  Sometimes you want to run multiples of models, but because they are metal (or plastic that really has to be put together in one way), you'll get multiples of the exact same pose.  For instance, the War Witch Siren.  I love the model.  It's got a sense of action.  But I also want to run two sometimes, because of the rules.   My solution in her case was to make my second Siren hold her sword out in front of her.  In other cases, like the Pistol Wraith or Manhunter, there are alternate models readily available.

Sometimes we can proxy in alternative models, like a Reaper model, but in other cases it's not allowed.  For example, the local 40K tournaments here allow any sort of proxying, to the point where it gets ridiculous.  I'm honestly waiting for someone just to start digging trash out of a trash can and declaring each piece of trash a different model.  On the other hand, Warmachine/Hordes tournaments here in the past have not allowed any proxying at all, to the point of not allowing pButcher to represent eButcher, for instance.  So if you do have a cool Reaper model to represent your Siren, you're out of luck. 

As to the Siren, I have enjoyed using her very much in games.  She is really the utility model of the army, and I've done a bit of everything from helping out Helljacks to spraying away hard to reach models to Shadow Binding enemy Warbeasts to keep them from moving.  Heck, I wish I could have three...if I could come up with a third variant on the model!

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