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Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting Ready for Grail Quest

Oh man!  The week before running a tournament is especially hectic!  With twenty folks preregistered for Grail Quest this year in Durham, NC, I'm hoping for a great turnout.  On my list:

1.  Writing the scenarios.  They've got to not only be great, they've got to be Highlander themed this year.  There can be only one!  With 8th edition, I would like a standardized table as well. 

2.  Making some awards.  We've only given out gift certificates in the past.  I'd like some sort of trophies to go out as well this year, as well as to get some to the tournament's previous winners.

3.  Scheduling with the store.  I'd like to get in a little early and set things up.

4.  Making sure we have the materials.  Terrain is no problem, but I like objective markers and such. 

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