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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Initial Dreadfleet Thoughts

Yaarrrrggh!  I finally got a chance to play the first two scenarios of Dreadfleet the other night.  Here's my initial thoughts:

*  It's random!  This probably isn't a game to really bring the big competition guns to, as it often involves rolling a small number of dice and looking for high numbers of each die.  There's a good amount of tactics in maneuvering, but once those dice roll there's a lot of chance involved.  As long as you're aware of that, and in the game for a good time and not to omgstompface, you'll enjoy the game!

*  It's a lot of fun!  We had one of our group read out the scenario fluff in his best pirate voice, and there was a lot of joking around and general silliness during the game.  The rules are easily picked up by wargamers and won't be too much trickier for non-wargamers, and let you get down to sailing, shooting, and looting quickly and efficiently.

*  It was versatile!  I was afraid that the game was going to line up ships and just have them kill each other.  While the first mission did that, it was an introductory mission.  The second scenario involved an undead fortress, freeing a captured captain from that fortress, and escaping off the board for one team, while another attempted to stop them.   Future missions show greater variety.  I like that a lot.

*  The high quality really helps!  The fact that the ships are such great quality and detail, everything is full color, and the cloth "board" is gorgeous all help for a very immersive experience.


  1. Unfortunately my intense dislike of pirates may have clouded my view of this product somewhat. After what you've said I might give it a go after all.

  2. I loved it :) I really like games that are more about chance than calculating your way to winning, makes for much more laid-back gameplay.
    And I just couldn't resist buying this when I saw all the gorgeous models, the ships are fantastic, I've heard some people think they look too busy and crammed with details but that's kind of what I like about them :)

  3. GMort - Glad to have changed your thoughts! It's a very fun game!

    Ethelie - Glad you're enjoying the game! I'm a bit intimidated about painting some of the details on the ships, but it should be a good challenge!